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23 September 2010

Fat Fashion Feft : Why Kiki? Why? says NO!

Holy Fuckbuckets I am so pissed off right now I'm writing this on my tiny phone screen on the way home from work GAHHHHH!

Look at this top from City Chic's new Spanish Rose line! it's cute, sassy, versatile and oh wait... It's fucking stolen!!!!!!

Does it look familiar? Oh yeah it's a blatant rip off of Independent Plus Size designer Jibri's trademark halter shirt.

Now you are probably thinking "oh Kiki! you are just being all mean about City Chic because you are grumpy because you have low blood sugar and you really just want a cookie" and then I would scream "piss off! who asked you? where's this cookie?"

But this isn't ooh City Chic's " let's make something inspired by Sass and Bide because they'll never make a plus size version" this isn't "let's remake a version of a Roland Mouret galaxy dress that's not only plus sized but cheaper too so we can make a great style accessible to the masses"

This is the theft of the design of small Plus sized retailer who provided this shirt custom made at a reasonable price in a variety of Plus sizes and then has the sheer gall to offer the Mass produced option at close to the exact price! No extension of the sizes offered by Jibri no original print or colourway just plain theft.

Now most of you will probably read this go yeah that kinda sucks and continue to shop there because of the lack of plus size options (or maybe you are holding out on the criticism so they will send you stuff to review...ducks) But if you are the slightest bit peeved pass the word on about this so that people know that Jibri provides great unique styles for fats and That City Chic didn't come up with this design.

To quote Derryn Hinch;


Edited to add:

Thanks for the publicity and linkage folks I was wondering why all of a sudden more than two people a day were visiting here;

I particularly love the part of City Chic's comment "it's here for you to have, not only for plus sized ladies to wear, but at a fraction of the price!!!"
All I can say is that the Style was already being offered to Plus size ladies  and yes $79.95 from $90 (usd to aud is a frickin dream conversion rate at the moment) is a fraction (is it a decent saving on the original?) so you are right thankyou City Chic for offering me an item that is ten bucks cheaper.

And yes I am aware that there is no such thing as copyright in fashion and the use of the word Rip Off is probably not appropriate (and probably neither is the use of blatant theft but I'm a blogger and whatever for Journalistic integrity and shit) but it doesn't mean it's right or fair, it's one thing to be inspired by Chanel/ Gucci/ Insert big fashion house here, it's completely another to be inspired to design and to "style" a clothing item by a lone small business designer that had been heavily promoted by Bloggers that your brand itself has tried to align itself with.

Welcome to all you lovely people who are visiting me for the first time today alot of you that are clicking here from the Facebook link 

I don't have much else to say about this but while you are here come have a look at some interesting links to the left and some wonderful communities that are related to being Plus sized

Or that you can find a variety of Plus size stores from Overseas and order more and get it delivered for cheaper from,,, Dorothy Perkins, Torrid and Faith 21 or even something Custom made on Etsy and could get a whole outfit delivered for the price of a mini dress from City Chic.

Better still swing by these great Aussie brands

There is a surprising lot of choice out there beyond City Chic and trust me when I say City Chic will get better if you start shopping around more.

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cutselvage said...

Such bullshit. I wonder if they think people won't notice? Shame, City Chic!

Anonymous said...

I'm really glad I'm not the only one to notice this.

It's completely fucked up!

Anonymous said...


Fashion Stealing Philistines!

And anyway - how does a skinny man know what we Sexy Fat Women want to wear?

They're clothes are so not worth the money you pay for them.

definatalie said...

Oh shittttt that is blatant. Unfortunately there is no way to copyright fashion designs, and that's why this sort of thing happens all the time. City Chic are definitely not in this to design anything original or groundbreaking like Jibri, they're only in it for profit.

I feel kind of rotten because this afternoon I went in there and bought a bolero jacket to wear to my sister's wedding next week (with the dress YOU sent me!) There was just nothing else anywhere for me :(

kathrynoh said...

That sucks balls. I bet the original design is much better quality too and it looks hotter. Going to check out Jibri now!

Jen D said...

I commented on their Facebook page, and this was their response:

"all designs are copied... Our buying team set out to different locations around the world, and check out what's happening in the fashion world with trends, and upcoming must-have-items... It's not about stealing credit from other designers, it's here for you to have, not only for plus sized ladies to wear, but at a fraction of the price!!!!"

So I linked them back here.

Fat Aus said...

oh man, Jibri's dress is SO much nicer. what a bunch of jerks.

Frances said...

"or maybe you are holding out on the criticism so they will send you stuff to review...ducks" - OOOOOOHHHHH GIRL.

Anonymous said...

Not only does Jibri's look better, but the model does it more justice as well. The City Chic one looks flat and boring.

holly said...

Hey Kiki! If any of your readers are in the UK they could check out too. According to their site they're launching a blog called 'Fashion plus' soon. I quite like their clothes and they do good Accessories too. They have great Sales as well.

City said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
City said...

Hi Kiki -

My name is Lucy Doyle and I am the senior Designer at City chic, and I am also a size 18 and wear all of our clothes. I am very passionate about the plus size industry and our brand and our customers.

I tried to post a comment yesterday but it looks like there is a character limit. You can find the response I was going to leave on your site, here at in the comments section.

Please know we take all feedback very seriously at City Chic and want to say thanks for being part of the plus fashion industry.


Bri said...

Just a note to let you know the link you gave for the Notes from the Fatosphere feed is outdated and this is the current link

Bri (Notes admin)

Carlin said...

Hello..If any of your readers are interested in Women Plus Size Dress,you can look this site, I quite like their clothes and they do good Accessories too. They have great Sales as well!

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