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20 May 2012

Outfit: what I wore to Sunday Lunch/ Birthday (ode to my Kenji)

Blue Long Sleeved Dress: ASOS CURVE
Outside Colourful Dress: Kenji Dress from TS14+
Leggings:  Evening Leggings from TS14+ 
Shoes: Crocs
Necklace: Gift

Does anyone still read this here blog thingy?

Anyway I was wearing what I normally wear when I go out and then I remembered I used to blog this shit and so I pulled out my camera balanced it precariously on my mantle and posed and then looked and saw the photo was blurry and so I set the timer and posed again, and the photo was still blurry, and then I posed again and that photo was half lit and half pitch black and then again and again five more times until I got this picture of me glowering but adeqautely exposed.

Anyway I am ten kinds of obsessed with this dress and a little with TS14+ at the moment, until early last year I really stayed away from TS14+ like the plague it was full of expensive paint spattered Skant monstrosities that was a uniform for pretty much every woman in this country 35+, there is no doubt it is a high quality brand, it's just that patchwork, patterned, jersey asymetric and mesh tunics kept me very much at arms length, this has all changed it began with a mesh skirt on special (more about her another time) and it continued when last year I saw this dress in their catalogue

(ok I realised I pretty much have styled my outfit exactly like this photo this was not deliberate) 

This was from their 2011 Spring Racing collection and this was called "Kenji" after the Melbourne Cup winner, anyhow this dress was sold out everywhere in Sydney, I couldn't get my size online, I couldn't get two sizes smaller online, I left my name at stores and they would call me back advising they couldn't find one and then I gave up, tired and defeated I bought the plain non printed version of the dress and set up a Google alert and an Ebay alert just on the off chance that someone may be parting with their dress... Nothing.

Then one day about a month and a half ago I was in the Myer in Sydney City, I had just spend all my clothing allowance on new season work clothes and then there it was, several months after they were all gone a full rack of "Kenji's" and there was one in my size and I shed tears of joy (slight exaggeration) but I didn't hesitate in the slightest when I spent my electricity bill money on her (yup I paid full price for her)

So that's the story about this dress, I may not be smiling in this picture or when I had to shuffle money from my savings to pay my bills, or when I will no doubt spill acid/ coffee/ vomit onto the dress ruining it forever, but looking at this dress now makes me ever so happy... and that's what counts


Natalie Mulford said...

Oh! It's gorgeous and I'm glad you ended up finding one in your size!

Lynda said...

That's the dress!
Hey, I've made stuff with all those Supre scraps. I'll have to take a pic and show you (or come to visit and wear it.)

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